User aircraft types?

Having user aircraft categories is nice, but I've realized that it would also be helpful to have user aircraft types (although maybe you have another solution for me).  The issue for me is that I do a lot of helicopter flying (mainly the Hype Performance Group H145) but all those records show up as a type of "Fixed wing".  Is there a way to address this?


  • Hi,

    I think I do know what you mean. From the "Hype Performance Group H145" I guess it is related to MSFS, as MSFS logbook does not have this "aircraft type" information as Prepar3D and FSX did have.  And I understand setting it manually for each records in FS Logbook Editor is not the kind of fun you would have in mind for the evenings :) I think could relatively easily add this to the user aircraft categries - such with multimotor checkbox - that you would be able to assign aircraft type to user aircraft category and based on this the aircraft type will be assigned during the import... I added to the feature requests and ideas list. But cannot make any promise about when it happens, have some other stuff on the pile to do first :(, but I think and hope some smaller update including this could be done till the end of the year. Thanks for your post.
  • No worries - thanks for the response!  I was wondering if maybe MSFS didn't support that.  Thanks for the suggestion of how to do it.

     I'm very impressed with how many features the app has, and the manual is very well written - especially for someone who's first language isn't english (at least I assume that's the case).  I just need to find more time to play with some of the things like custom templates and especially custom reports!
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